Instantly Capture Data from Java, Python, Node.js & More

The new way to debug production code that is simple, scalable & completely flexible

Powerful Insights can give you deeper insight into your application, allowing you to inspect the running application in production without affecting the user experience.


Gather data from your application and send it into any system that you use in real time.

Developers need data from production gives developers insight

Your Code

View your code directly in from your git repository or use a local directory directly from your browser.

Instant Update

Receive updates from your deployments in real time, across all your deployments in Java, Node.js or Python.

Dynamic Logging

Increase the time to recovery, by creating log messages in your applications without restarts or redeploys.

Full Stack Data

Trace the cause of the issue by seeing the full stack frames from your application.

Frame Variables

Get data from any point in your application with the full stack frame variable collection.


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How do I get help with nerd.vison?

At we are available to help you via a variety of channels. You can contact our support team, via email, or chat, or you can come and talk to the whole team on our public discord server.

How do we not affect performance? has a long history of building agents for monitoring tools, and we know the importance of not affecting your applications code. To accomplish this we have included several configurations and automatic controls to prevent putting too much load on your application while we gather the data.

Will see my code? will allow you to view your code in the app, however this code is used purely as an easy way for you to install and manage Tracepoints. The code is loaded directly from the repository, or local directory, into your browser and does not travel to, through or near the servers.